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research projects & programs

Best practice in research design is incorporated in the Design Studio tools to prompt users to address issues that commonly result in correctable weaknesses. They also identify market insights which may be compelling to potential collaborators. Assistive technology improves the quality and relevance of research proposals, resource mandates and governance policies.

partners & community

Nuanced compatibility profiling supports researchers in maintaining a niche focus within the broader research community whilst identifying opportunities for collaboration with others in research-adjacent fields as well as those from the broad spectrum of resource providers, including funders, that may be looking to support them.

collaboration & translation

Purposeful alignment between participants in the context of a research project is defined around shared interests and accommodates participants’ respective objectives. Projects can be structured to optimise translational potential, and to attract access to resources, including funding, data and facilities. It is possible to integrate the academic engine in the economic market.


optimise research collaboration potential


design Studio

Minimise correctable weakness in research design

Use the Design Studio to develop research proposals within the governance protocol applicable to your organisation and in accordance with best practice in your field of research.

Intuitive authoring helps you adapt proposals to address the interests of potential collaborators from other parts of the ecosystem, market trends and research resources, including funding.


Find compatible research partners and resources

Identify suitable project participants from industry, academia and the funding community.

The policy assessor identifies alignment between organisational policies and conditions as well as the project particulars and preferences you select

transaction toolkit

Optimise engagement terms to align incentives and objectives

The transaction portal takes project particulars, organisation policies and participant preferences into account when generating project summaries and transaction documentation.

The structuring tools help to optimise the allocation of rights and responsibilities in relation to research outputs. The valuation protocol provides options for designing valuation principles that can be adopted as part of your project terms.

resources centre

Incorporate relevant research resources

The resources portal identifies relevant resources, including funders from public grant providers, research institutes, philanthropy and the capital markets as well as existing intellectual property, data, materials, facilities and participants.

Find and apply to use them directly from the Dashboard. Resource providers can also invite applications and build project portfolios.



I was able to use the funding, resources and authority of the Council of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to conduct primary research whilst having access to their database to aid analysis with tangible comparisons in circumstances where publicly accessible data would have made my work redundant. The Council made use of my findings in its climate change reporting and planning.
— Melody Strong, University College London
Here at Brunel, we encourage researchers to work with industry in several ways, and work to integrate industry at all levels of our ecosystem from student summer and capstone placements, to courses delivered around an industry problem or challenge as well as core research collaboration involving our academic labs. We work hard to attract industry, from large corporates to SMEs to bring their challenges to our researchers. Enabling technologies that assist in this pursuit move the impact dial for us.
— Michelle Kavan, Brunel University
We received a visit at our manufacturing factory and exchanged briefings relating to our materials design proposal. Since completion of the project, we are in the process of focussing our attention on two of the ideas that were developed through the project could be developed for possible use within our product range. It is a very exciting project for us.
— Nigel Fitzhugh, Ormiston Wire

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We’re still in beta, but we have customised tours for users from academia, industry R&D teams, KTPs, policy managers and regulators, funders (grant and investment markets) as well as professional services in research design, law, patent management and science communication. We’re excited to show you how these tools to enhance your research engagement potential.