Design & engage in research with your community

Coalfacer curates your research design studio with actionable insights, generated from relevant stakeholders, and complemented with a cross-section of data sets to help researchers, sponsors and other participants better identify and act on activity, trends, gaps and best practices in the field

Your research agenda, supported with tools to customise the monolith to flow as your personalised concierge

Design Studio

Design research proposals that map to the blind spots in the landscape and build on trends in the field, and which address the objectives and interests of relevant evaluators or collaborators


Use evaluation criteria, motivating interests, engagement policies and regulatory constraints to identify a research funnel which can optimise your allocation of submission preparation or evaluation resources

Resources Centre

Identify, assess eligibility and apply for relevant funding, data, intellectual property, facilities, materials and participants from the dashboard

Transaction Toolkit

Develop relevant documentation for a research partnership, sponsorship or other engagement framework as well as ancillary documentation (like budgets) from the dashboard

Anintegrated platform

We bring together data and human insights that enrich the research pipeline for stakeholders involved in designing and evaluating research, allocating resources, assessing impact and creating collaboration, sponsorship and engagement opportunities. We also help universities, companies, funding agencies and stakeholder engagement services to assess compliance, budgeting, policy control and asset management throughout the lifecycle.

Actionable Feedback

Today's processes and procedures were developed at a time when a scientist could know, for their field, all the key people and key findings.

Coalfacer uses data and human insights to customise your feed to focus on the trends, gaps, resources and alignment between stakeholder motivations, objectives and interests. Use them to develop research proposals and study plans that are optimised for alignment with the criteria that will be applied in relevant evaluation processes.

Curated Constraints

Whilst the population, range of focus, output quantity and resource base of the research economy has increased, the institutions, problem-solving processes, and systems of coordination have not scaled.

Coalfacer applies machine intellgence to identify compatibility between express and inferred evaluation criteria, to optimise resource allocation both in the evaluation process and in managing research resources. These can be customised to fit within the attention span and scope of expertise of those participating in the process, so as to deliver relevant, actionable insights to decision makers that may determine the success of a proposal.

Intuitive Insights

Data and human insights complement your research program to support you in navigating the nuance, noise and controls at each stage of the process - from hypothesis, through performance, to reporting and translation.

Nominate your influencers (such as researchers, funding agencies, regulators) to build a picture of where your interests align with opportunities for support and engagement and we will show you where and how others are engaging with your interests or capabilities.

Integrated Services

Check proposals and study plans against university policy, evaluation criteria, activity in your field of research or scientific application and seek input from specialist service providers within your organisation, field of research or broader community.