Knowledge Transfer and Research Engagement Managers

Contribute your expertise to project teams and potential collaborators, when they are looking to engage

Support Research Engagement at the Design Phase

Support proposals from the point they are being designed, rather than when grant applications are being finalised and invention disclosures are submitted. The Design Studio provides insights to users as to the emphasis placed on particular features of a research proposal by other participants. Support researchers by linking insights to proposals to enhance alignment.

Enhance Your Outreach

Identify interesting research angles in industry initiated proposals for your academic colleagues and draw out potential applications of research in proposals being designed by academics. Use these insights to encourage engagement through the Matchmaker.

Bespoke Transaction Structures

Modern deal design techniques are embedded in the Transaction Toolkit so that as projects become eligible to use particular features, they are available to be selected and added to the transaction agreement. Customise them to conform to your organisation's policies and preferences.

Expert Help When You Need It

If you need help with your proposal evaluation, regulatory compliance, reporting protocols, commercialisation opportunities, partner assessment or funding arrangements, there are experts who can assist you on an ad-hoc basis. Find them at the Concierge Desk.