Professional Services for Research

Specialist support where it's needed

Specialist Support

The professional services required to support research engagement or translation initiatives are often not available in-house, beyond a generalist level. The Concierge Desk provides ad-hoc, on-demand, specialist support.

Proposal Design and Evaluation

Researchers can invite you to their proposals in Design Studio so that you can contribute skills that may improve the integrity of research (for example statistics) adapt the communication style or the commercialisation potential, among other things. Evaluators may also invite you to review completed proposals to assess the knowledge base, the study plan or the governance issues.

Find Specialist Opportunities

Find opportunities to apply your specialist skills within the research community. Learn more about how the Matchmaker supports research partnering.

Resource Evaluation

Provide assistance with regulatory, intellectual property, data integrity or governance advice to research teams and those supporting them Resources Centre.

Consulting Agreements

The Transaction Toolkit includes customisable consulting agreements that you can use for engagements through the platform.