Academic Research

Navigate the trends, opportunities and constraints that apply in your field, organisation and region

Design Research that Meets the Market

Context aware tools make best practice research design insights, sector trends and industry preferences available to you. They also highlight where departures from consensus may indicate a pioneering approach to unlocking the next knowledge frontier. Use them in the Design Studio to build research proposals that are compelling in the context of the appetite for research in your field.

Collaborate with Compatible Partners

Discover relevant partners, resources and supporters by reference to your research vision, values and proposal criteria. Jurisdictional and organisation level constraints are automatically filtered so that you are investing your time in evaluating opportunities with prospects of success within your environment. Learn more about how the Matchmaker supports research partnering.

Find the Resources that Could Support your Research

Find resources, including funding, data, IP, facilities, materials and participants, that are suitable for your project for which you meet the eligibility criteria, and then optimise your proposal to accommodate the objectives and incentives of the resource provider. Learn more about the Resources Centre.

Transaction Structures that Serve Multiple Purposes

The Transaction Toolkit supports the assessment and structuring of research partnering agreements. Use them to address issues that protect academic interests and integrity, and accommodate the objectives held by industry partners, funders, participants or regulators.

Expert Help When You Need It

If you need help with your study design, reporting protocols, commercialisation opportunities, partner assessment or funding arrangements, there are experts who can assist you on an ad-hoc basis. Find them at the Concierge Desk.