How it Works

Build your customised Design Studio by selecting and prioritising criteria spanning research integrity, activity and engagement profiles. Your personal preferences, along with your institutional and regional policy and regulatory constraints are analysed so that Coalfacer can suggest engagement opportunities, potential collaborators, funders and participants as well as research methods and techniques for your consideration. You can use these suggestions when you design research proposals, so that your feedback loop is populated with actionable insights that may impact your success in evaluation. You can dismiss or address suggestions, which you can also choose to share with evaluators who may appreciate your preemptive consideration of those concerns.


Customise your Design Studio

Curate your Design Studio by identifying your interests, objectives and research vision. Identify the researchers and institutions that are engaged in research that you consider to be compelling. These parameters, along with your institutional and regional policy and regulatory profiles are used to analyse and identify research trends, activity, engagement opportunities and best practices in your field.


Research Snapshot


Create Research Proposals or Mandates


A Marketplace for Resources for Research


Engage with Collaborators, Partners and Participants


The Documentation


Specialist Support, On Demand

Your curated research network, of proposals, collaborators, resources and participants can inform and support your research agenda